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Product names:   9M2341 caterpillar filter
9M2341 caterpillar filter
detailed description:  

Caterpillar Part Number:9M2341

Fleetguard part number:FF234,FF5527

Category:Fuel filter

Physical Dimensions
End 1 ID 9.91 mm (.39 in) 
Overall OD 57.15 mm (2.25 in) 
Overall Height 76.2 mm (3 in)

Refer:Fuel, Cartridge


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The main caterpillar filters part number as below,
if you need caterpillar filters or can not find the part number you need.
please contact us. we will do our best to serve you.

250-6527 093-7521 106-3069 106-3973 106-3969 108-1153
110-6326 113-1578 117-4089 117-4089 126-1817 126-2081
126-2081 128-2686 129-0373 131-1812 131-1812 131-8821
131-8822 131-8902 132-8875 132-8876 133-5673 134-6307
139-1537 142-1339 142-1340 142-1404 145-4501 145-4501
146-6695 151-2409 151-7737 151-7737 152-7217 152-7219
159-6102 184-3931 1G-8878 1P-2299 1R-0658 1R-0658
1R-0710 1R-0711 1R-0712 1R-0713 1R-0714 1R-0716 1R-0716
1R-0719 1R-0720 1R-0722 1R-0726 1R-0734 1R-0735 1R-0739
1R-0740 1R-0741 1R-0749 1R-0750 1R-0751 1R-0753 1R-0755
1R-0756 1R-0762 1R-0769 1R-0770 1R-0771 1R-1807 1R-1808
1R-8878 1R-0718 1P-7360 1R-0659 246-50010 246-5009
2S-1285 2S-1286 326-1641 326-1642 326-1643 362-1644
4I-3948 4N-0015 4P-0710 4P-0711 4I-7575 4L-9852 4T-3131
4T-6788 5I-7950 5I-7951 5I-8670 6I-0273 6I-0274 6I-2501
6I-2502 6I-2503 6I-2504 6I-2505 6I-2506 6I-2507 6I-2508
6I-2509 6I-2510 6I- 2509 6L-4714 7C-1571 7W-2326 7W-2327
7W-5317 7W-5389 7W-5313 7W-5495 7Y-0404 7Y-1323 8N-2556
8N-6309 9M-2341 9M-2342 9N-3367 9N-3368 9N-6123 9T-0973
211-2660 245-7823 305-0329

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