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Knowledge of oil filter

Whether it is a small maintenance or maintenance, in each car maintenance to replace the oil filter, as its name implies, the main function of the filter is to filter. The following is the basic knowledge of the oil filter is briefly introduced,
the main contents are as follows:

Oil filter: shell filter

Simply put, the oil filter is mainly composed of two parts: filter paper and shell. Of course, there is a seal ring and a supporting spring, a bypass valve and other auxiliary parts, the auxiliary part is not small, such as the role of the bypass valve when the filter is due to excessive impurities and failure, oil lubrication through the bypass valve into the engine. However, we only see from the appearance of the oil filter as a whole, filter paper, bypass valve and other parts is invisible.

Oil filter: filter impurities

In general, all the parts inside the engine to achieve the normal work through the oil lubrication, but the metal debris, resulting in the operation of the parts into dust, high temperature oxidation of carbon and water vapor will continue with oil, the normal life of a long time will reduce oil, may affect when the engine is running seriously.
Therefore, this time the role of oil filter is reflected. Simply put, the role of the oil filter is to filter the vast majority of impurities in oil, oil to be kept clean, to extend its normal life. In addition, the oil filter should also have the ability to filter, flow resistance is small, long service life, etc..

Oil filter maintenance cycle: vulnerable parts

Under normal circumstances, the brand dealers will be classified into the oil filter to wear parts, FAW TOYOTA, for example, the oil filter warranty period of 6 months after the delivery date or within the mileage of less than 10000 km. In the replacement, basically in the oil, oil filter is replaced with the. If used for a long time, it is not possible to replace the oil filter function, and ultimately affect the engine work.
Oil filter assembly

Oil filter assembly

and disassembly is carried out in the maintenance of the 4S shop, the owner will not be replaced, I am here to bring you some simple introduction. To replace the filter, the vehicle must first be lifted through the lifting device, and then the oil plug on the oil pan.
After the old engine oil is discharged, the machine can be used to filter the old oil filter. When the oil in the car is no longer leaking, the new oil filter can be installed. When installed, the master will be coated with a layer of oil in the new oil filter, which is can achieve better sealing effect.
Quality identification of oil filter

Appearance: delicate appearance, rough points

The fake oil filter is rough on the surface of the shell, and the font is usually blurred. Really oil filter surface of the standard font is very clear, and the paint on the surface texture is very good. Careful friends can easily see the difference by comparison.

Filter paper: the ability to filter

Fake oil filter filtration capacity is relatively poor, which is mainly reflected in the filter paper, filter paper too close normal circulation and influence of oil filter paper; too loose will cause a lot of impurity of unfiltered continue with the oil flow, a long time will lead to internal parts of engines for dry friction or excessive wear.

Bypass valve: auxiliary role

The utility model relates to a bypass valve, which is used as an emergency oil delivery device when the filter paper is blocked due to excessive impurities. However, most of the fake oil filter built-in bypass valve is not obvious, so when the filter paper fails, the oil can not be delivered in time, will lead to some parts of the engine dry friction.

Gasket: seal, oil seepage points

Although some of the pads look inconspicuous, but the seal between parts depends on it. False oil filter gasket material is relatively poor, in the engine high temperature, high intensity of work is likely to cause the seal failure, and ultimately lead to oil


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