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Product names:   C-5501 sakura oil filter
C-5501 sakura oil filter
detailed description:  

Part number:C-5501
Filter Type:Oil Filter
Outer Diameter(mm):108
Inner Diameter(mm):
Thread Size:11/8'*16

China Everlasting Parts Co., Limited


MSN: parts.china@hotmail


The reference Sakura filter part number as below:

A-1015 A-1016 A-1019 A-1019-S A-1020 A-1022 A-1032 A-1043 A-1044
A-1045 A-1046 A-1047 A-1049 A-1050 A-1053 A-1058 A-1061 A-1065
A-1068 A-1070 A-1078 A-1082 A-6804 A-6804-1 A-6811 A-7002
A-7101 A-7124 A-7623 A-7624-S A-7805 A-7926 A-7934 A-7964
A-7967 A-7979 A-7988-S A-8503 A-8563 A-8577 A-8577-S
A-8578 A-8579 A-8579-1 A-8579-MS A-8579-S A-8580 A-8588
A-8603 A-8610 A-8661 A-8662 A-8902 A-8903 AC-7901
AS-1014 AS-1024 AS-1024-S AS-1034 AS-2205 AS-5102
AS-5412 AS-7988 AS-7988S AS-8577 AS-8579 CA-1002 CA-1101
CA-1102 CA-1103 CA-1104 CA-1106 CA-1107 CA-1601 CA-1602
CA-1603 CA-1604 CA-1606 CA-1608 CA-1703 CA-1705 CA-1801
CA-1802 CA-1804 CA-1806 CA-1809 CA-2801 CA-2802 CA-2807
CA-2911 CA-3300 CAC-1807 C-1001 C-1002 C-1003 C-1004 C-1006
C-1007 C-1008 C-1011 C-1012 C-1013 C-1016 C-1025 C-1038
C-1045 C-1048 C-1102 C-1105 C-1109 C-1110 C-1111
O-1012 O-1805 O-1805-1 O-1808 O-2620 O-2629 O-2702
O-5302 O-5303 O-5310 EO-1102 EO-1601 EO-1701 EO-1801
EO-1802 EO-2601 EO-2604 EO-2621 EO-2623 EO-2624 EO-2626
EO-2629 EO-2631 EO-2802 EO-2803 EO-6801 FS-1726 FS-1727
FS-1728 FS-1811 FS-2301 FS-2302 FS-2801
FS-2804 FS-2810 FS-2814 FS-2906 FS-3105 FS-7903 FS-8001
EF-2634 EF-2636 F-1802 F-1805 F-2601 F-2602-2 F-2603 F-2604
F-2604-1 F-5202 F-5210 F-5602 F-7909-2 H-2703 H-2719 H-2727
H-5107 H-5607 H-5609 HC-2701 HC-5401 HC-5503 HC-5506
HC-5508 HC-5801 SF-1913-10 SF-7922-30 SFC-1306-30 SFC-1901
SFC-2201 SFC-5302-10 WC-5705 WC-7902

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